Thermologika Soleil Plus

Infra-red heater for indoor / outdoor local heating


Range and product specifications

  • 1 model for wall or ceiling installation, horizontally or vertically, particularly suited in all cases where strong
  • Heating is required in localised areas.
  • Grille in sheared, bent aluminium sheet.
  • Casing in extruded aluminium sheet, painted with epoxy polyester resin.
  • Bent metal sheet bracket for wall mounting [supplied as standard].


Lamp [bulb]

  • Based on Halogen HeLen technology, the bulb fitted in the Thermologika Soleil Plus is guaranteed to be highly efficient, long lasting (5000 h in an open environment) and suitable for operation down to -20° C.


Key Features

  • Strong and lightweight.
  • High protection category (IPX5) which makes it particularly suited to outdoor use.
  • The principle of radiation (like the sun itself) assures the efficient transmission of heat to the areas to be heated with no air dispersion.
  • Immediate heat delivery (more than 90% of the delivered heat is generated in around 1 second, compared to the 30 seconds needed on average to complete the standard ON/OFF cycle of a conventional quartz bulb).
  • Heat concentrated in specifically targeted areas.
  • No combustion, no risk of odours or polluting agents.
  • Irradiated heat distribution not affected by any air currents.
  • High radiating efficiency, offering significant energy savings.
  • Safe use (the quartz covering on the halogen bulbs guarantees high resistance to thermal shock).
  • Reduced maintenance and high reliability(useful life of bulb indicatively 5,000 h of operation in an open environment).




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